Haeck Subcontracting

Haeck is a metal processing company that specialises in industrial supplies. We offer extensive capabilities and flexibility in high-quality CNC turning and milling for both intricate one-offs and larger batch runs.

Many years of proven experience in machining


As a pioneer, the Company has been investing in automating the different process steps involved in turning and milling, since it was established in 1989 by Dirk Haeck. Even after joining the Valtech Group, we have continued to invest in production capacity and automation, thus improving the full value of the Haeck's assets .Our customer base is broad: 100 or so permanent customers from different sectors including machine builders and customers from the lighting and furniture industries.

We have 11 CNC multi-tasking turning centres and 7 CNC milling centres of which some are operational 24 hours a day. Production capacity includes turning work up to 550mm in diameter and 3-, 4-, and 5-axis milling work up to 3,000mm in length. We can be extremely flexible when it comes to customer requirements thanks to our advanced expertise in automation, robot loading and pallet changing systems, so that we deliver at short notice both complex one-offs and larger batches.

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  • Capacity for both one-offs

    and large batch runs

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