CNC Milling

Flexibility is the number one priority in our milling department. We can deal with a broad diversity of workpieces of different materials (including cast iron) for both large batches and complex one-off components. Our 7 milling machines are ideally equipped to finish middle-sized pieces of 3000 x 800 x 800mm.

Precision and one off components are produced using our 5-axis milling centre with integrated rotary table, whereas large batches are completed on a horizontal milling centre with a 10-position automated pallet changer, which, in turn, have enabled great processing efficiency and planning to be achieved. In addition, owing several dedicated 3- and 4-axis milling machines allows us to cope with both large and small batches of milling work by using different clamping methods in a flexible, fast and efficient way.

Our machine inventory

5-axis milling work

Large batches:

  • Doosan NHP6300, complete with Fastems pallet changer: 1050 x 900 x 1000mm (horizontal with rotary table)

Small batches and one-offs

  • Victor v550: 3-axes, up to 1000 x 500 x 500mm
  • Victor v205: 4-axes, up to 2000 x 550 x 600mm
  • Haas VF2: 4-axes, up to 762 x 406 x 508mm
  • Haas VF4SS: 4-axes, up to 1270 x 508 x 635mm
  • Haas VF6SS: 4-axes, up to 1626 x 813 x 762mm

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